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Katie Brennan

Licensed Agent / Social Media Content Coordinator

My name is Katie Brennan, I am 31 years old and I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and have lived here my entire life. I was born into a very large family, we are all very close knit and I love it. I graduated High School from Oldsmar Christian School in 2005. I went to college locally at St. Petersburg College for business. While in school I worked for a small family owned consignment store called Plato’s Closet and that’s when I got my first taste in management. I was the General Manager for Plato’s for 7 years, I also handled all of their social media marketing. I loved it. Fashion was something I was passionate about and I loved the idea of recycling and reusing items

In 2015, I got married and we had a beautiful baby girl named Stella. My life of being a retail manager didn’t work well with me wanting to be a full-time mother so I left Plato’s looking for something more suitable for my new stage in life. I’ve known Robert Bache for 15 years and when I heard he was looking for agents I jumped at the opportunity. I started my journey with Senior Healthcare Direct in 2017 and I’ve loved every minute of it. From being an agent to transitioning to my current position of Social Media Content Coordinator, it has been an amazing experience with wonderful people.