Joseph Ramirez

Licensed Agent

Hi, my name is Joseph Ramirez however, you can just call me Joe.

I started my career within insurance about 15 years ago. I’ve worked in all fields from LTC coverage, Life insurance, Disability Insurance and Health care. I’ve found my passion working with seniors and guiding them through Medicare. Medicare can become overwhelming and I found satisfaction helping clients make educated decisions regarding their Medicare.

I’m originally from Brooklyn NY however, I’ve lived in Tampa/St. Pete area since 1985. I have two boys that are heavily into sports. One is playing football in High School and he will be looking into colleges within the next several months. The other plays baseball and basketball for his school. We spend a lot of time going to local sporting events like baseball, football, and hockey.

When I’m not with my kids at sporting events, I keep myself busy with local activates like festivals, music and comedy shows. I attend a plethora of music shows…..Nothing is better than live music. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts over the years and there aren’t too many artists I haven’t seen live.

I am committed and passionate about my craft and I would love for me to prove my commit by working for you. I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you with your Medicare needs.

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National Producer Number: 635380

California0H56895Michigan635380Rhode Island
Colorado383901MinnesotaSouth Carolina632074
ConnecticutMississippi10281254South Dakota40178934
Idaho425074New Hampshire2092828Virginia815096
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