Jill Taylor

Licensed Agent

I have been an agent for Medicare products since 2011.

I was a property and casualty agent before then but started in the Medicare field to help people on a more personal basis.

I am licensed in every state except Hi and Alaska and being able to help people not only understand how Medicare works but to also pick the best plan for them is the most satisfying job I have ever had.

My mother lived with me for the last 10 years and Being able to assist her with what can be a very confusing thing for seniors is what got me hooked.

I have 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren and they are the light of my life.  I like to fish, and garden and I did have backyard chickens for a long time, being able to get farm fresh eggs every day was a wonderful thing.

My goal is to build long term relationships and be the agent you refer your friends and family to.  I will always be available to help you and if you can’t reach me our support staff is here to assist you.  The most important thing to me is helping you choose the best plan for your needs and letting you know that you never have to go anywhere else again , we will help you every year to assure you are saving the most money and are always in the best plan for your needs . I look forward to helping you and earning your trust. Once that is earned the rest just falls into place.

Jill Taylor – Licensed States & License Numbers

National Producer Number: 8078169

CaliforniaOH62532Michigan8078169Rhode Island
Colorado436137MinnesotaSouth Carolina8078169
ConnecticutMississippiSouth Dakota40354412
IdahoNew Hampshire2280170Virginia817762
Illinois8078169New Jersey1321758Washington
Indiana915504New MexicoWest Virginia8078169
Iowa8078169New YorkLA-1204683Wisconsin8078169
Kansas8078169North Carolina8078169Wyoming
KentuckyDOI-834877North Dakota8078169