How to choose your Medicare Advantage Plan:

How to choose your Medicare Advantage Plan:

Step 1) Understand how a Medicare Advantage Plan works.

  • Medicare Advantage Plans are health plans that typically have low monthly premiums, HMO or PPO Networks of Doctors / Providers, most include Part D coverage. When you have a Medicare Advantage Plan you will have a copay for almost all of the medical services that you receive until you reach your “max out of pocket limit”.

Step 2) when choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan, you need to decide if you are Benefit Focused or Network Focused.

  • Benefit Focused – This means that you want the Medicare Advantage Plan that is going to have the best benefits; the lowest copays, the lowest “max out of pocket”, comprehensive drug coverage. May also include: dental, vision, hearing, transportation, free gym membership or more cool added benefits.
  • Network Focused – This means that the Doctors / Providers that are accepting the Plan are most important to you.

The reason that it is so important for you to choose your “focus” is because there is not usually a perfect Medicare Advantage Plan in your County. Most of the time the Medicare Advantage Plans that have the best benefits have a smaller Network. (Smaller Network – usually an HMO Plan and may not be widely accepted by a lot of Doctors / Providers). On the other hand, the Medicare Advantage Plans that have the larger Doctor / Provider Networks (Larger Network – usually a PPO Plan and is accept by more Doctors / Providers) typically have higher copay and costs to you.

NOTE: Insurance Companies can coordinate your care more cost effectively on HMO Plans and therefore can provide a stronger benefit package. However, Less Doctors / Providers tend to accept these plans as their reimbursement rate is typically less. (Reimbursement rate = how much the Doctors / Providers get paid).

Question to ask yourself: Do I want the best Plan in my area OR do I want the flexibility to have more of a choice for my Doctors / Providers?

Step 3) Click here to complete our “MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN FINDER FORM”

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Click here to complete our “MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN FINDER FORM”