How do Medigap Plans work?

In this Medigap Monday video, MedicareBob explains how Medigap Plans work. Robert says when you have a Medicare Supplement such as Medigap Plan G, “Medicare Part A and B is your primary insurance, and it covers you nationwide.” For example, “You can go from one county to another” or “from one state to another.” Thus, you can travel “anywhere in the United States,” and Medicare will cover any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Moreover, you “do not need any referrals or prior authorizations.”

Medigap Plan G Coverage

Medigap Plan G covers you nationwide
Medigap Plan G covers you nationwide

Plan G supplements your Medicare coverage. Medicare Parts A and B are your primary insurance, so Medigap Plan G works in every county and state in the country. Medicare Supplement Plan G pays your 20% coinsurance cost, and you pay a small annual deductible of $198 in 2020. Robert Bache says after paying this deductible, “you have no more out of pocket costs for Medicare-covered services nationwide.”

George Goes to Texas

George lives in Mississippi and has prostate cancer. Since George has Medigap Plan G, he can go to any cancer hospital in the US. He researches the 10 Best hospitals for cancer care and discovers the top hospital for 2020 is the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. George travels to Houston, Texas and gets the best care for his prostate cancer.

Medigap Plan in Georgia

Knee Replacement in GA

George recovers from prostate cancer and goes to the doctor about knee pain. The doctor finds damaged cartilage and recommends a knee replacement. So George researches the best knee surgeons in the United States. He visits Dr. Scott Gillogly in Atlanta, Georgia. This surgeon specializes in cartilage restoration and does George’s knee replacement.

Best Hospitals and Doctors Nationwide

You can access the best hospitals and doctors nationwide with Original Medicare Parts A and B. However; it only covers 80% of your hospital and medical expenses. A Medicare Supplement such as Medigap Plan G pays the remaining 20%.

Conversely, a Medicare Advantage Plan such as HMO or PPO restricts access to hospitals and doctors in your network. You can switch to a Medigap Plan.

best hospital MD Anderson
Best Hospital Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Switch from Medicare Advantage to Medigap

You can change from Medicare Advantage to Medigap plan two times per year. October 15 – December 7, you can switch to a Medicare Supplement plan. Discover the other Medigap enrollment period.

How Does Each Medigap Plan Work?

Each lettered Medigap Plan provides the same coverage benefits nationwide. Medigap Plan G works the same in all states. For example, Plan G coverage has the same benefits in Georgia as it does in Texas. Thus, no matter where you travel in the United States, your Medigap will give you the same health coverage benefits. 

However, each letter Medigap Plan offers you different benefits. You can compare all Medigap Plans benefits side-by-side. Then call Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-855-368-4717 to shop for your Medicare Supplement Plan. 

Medigap Plan G benefits