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We help you find the right Medicare Advantage plan. If you are shopping for a different advantage plan, Senior Healthcare Direct can help you find a plan that includes your doctors and medications. Starting in 2021, you can join a Medicare Advantage Plan with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Discover the top 3 reasons to change your Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. Furthermore, the ANOC – “Annual Notice of Changes” – you received in September may include changes in coverage, costs, or service area. These changes which take effect the following January are reasons to change your MA plan.

Find Medicare Advantage Plan
Find a plan with your doctors and medications

Change Your Plan and Keep Your Doctors

You can make changes to your Advantage plan during the Annual Election Period (AEP) from October 15 to December 7, 2020. The changes you make will be effective on January 1, 2021. Furthermore, you can change your Medicare Advantage plan between January 1 to March 31. When you change your Advantage plan, we can help you keep your existing doctors.

Many seniors have been going to the same doctor for years. Do you want to keep the relationships you have with your doctors? Senior Healthcare Direct can help you change your Medicare Advantage Plan and keep all or most of your doctors.

Some doctors accept HMO; others accept PPO. When you provide a list of your doctors, Senior Healthcare Direct can help you find an Advantage plan with all or most of your doctors. Moreover, we can help you compare plan prices, so you get the best deal.

Find a Plan with your Medications

Senior Healthcare Direct licensed agents can find an Advantage Plan that covers all your prescription drugs. Furthermore, we compare all available plans, so you get the most cost-effective price. Fill out the form with all your medications, and we can find you the right Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Advantage Plan Finder

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Medication List Instructions
  1. Type your medication name directly from your bottle: Example: Simvastatin.
  2. Dosage for each medication. Example: 20mg.
  3. The frequency for each medication. Example: 2 X Day.
  4. Pharmacy of choice, or mail order. Example: WalGreens.

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