FAQ Friday: What is the Medicare Part A hospital deductible?

The Medicare Part A deductible is a hospital deductible. Every time you go to the hospital, Medicare will charge $1,340 if you only have Original Medicare Parts A and B. It is important to understand that this IS NOT an annual deductible, it is per coverage period or per occurrence. If you are hospitalized you will have to pay the $1,340; if you are hospitalized 3 months later, you will have to pay the $1,340 again.

One important factor of this deductible that you need to know is that if you go to the hospital, are released but go back for the same reason within 60 days; they cannot charge you that deductible again. However, if you go back to the hospital for the same reason outside of that 60 day period, the hospital will most likely charge you that deductible of $1,340 again.