FAQ Friday: How to pay the Medicare Supplement Plan G annual deductible

When you have a Medicare Supplement Plan G, you pay the monthly premium and the only out-of-pocket expense you have is Medicare’s Part B annual deductible ($183.00 for 2018). Once you’ve met this deductible, the Medicare Supplement Plan G pays all of your medical bills. This deductible can be paid in one of two ways, all at once or over time throughout the year. Some examples of how you could pay the deductible are as follows:

  • You go to your doctor’s office and have a regular check up or physical. The doctor charges you $40 for that visit and you pay it. You would have paid $40 of your annual deductible so now your remaining deductible is $143. You can continue to pay it this way for the remainder of the year until the deductible is satisfied.
  • You need to have an x-ray done on your shoulder. The average cost of an x-ray can range from $260-$460. Let’s say the cost was $300, you would only pay $183 and the Medicare Supplement Plan G would pay the remaining balance of $117 because that’s all you are required to pay before your Plan G steps in and picks up the remaining bill.