FAQ Friday: How does Someone Sign up for Medicare in 2019?

How you sign up for Medicare depends primarily on if you’re drawing Social Security. If you are currently drawing Social Security and you’re turning 65, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. You’ll receive your Medicare red, white and blue card about three months before you turn 65. Starting your birth month, Medicare with deduct $135.50 out of your check. That is Medicare’s Part B premium for most people.

If you’re not drawing Social Security, there’s three ways you can sign up for Medicare:

  • Go to the Social Security Office and sign up.
  • Call the Social Security office and sign up.
  • You can go online to Medicare.gov and sign up online.

If you are still working and have coverage through your employer, you will need a form called “Creditable Coverage” form. You will need to have that form filled out by your employer. Once that’s been filled out, you can either mail it to the Social Security office or bring it into the office. Once that’s been turned in, you can apply for Medicare.