FAQ Friday: Does the Medicare Supplement Plan G have co-pays?

The Medicare Supplement Plan G does not have any co-pays. How the Medicare Supplement Plan G works is Medicare is your primary insurance and Plan G picks up the Medicare approved amount for Medicare approved services. The Plan G pays the remaining balance. The only out of pocket cost you have with the Medicare Supplement Plan G is Medicare’s Part B annual deductible which is currently $183.00. There is some confusion with some people that have the Medicare Supplement Plan G and they may have had an agent tell them that they will have a co-pay. This is incorrect.

First, let’s determine the difference between a deductible and a co-pay. A deductible is the amount of money that you have to pay before the insurance company steps in and pays what they’re supposed to pay. A deductible is not something you pay at the time of your service. For example: If you have the Plan G and you go have an MRI, CAT scan or a simple doctor’s visit, you will give them your Medicare card and your Medicare Supplement Plan G card. They will process your service with billing and if you have met your deductible, you will not receive a bill in the mail. If you haven’t met that $183.00 deductible then you will receive a bill for the remaining balance of your deductible.

A co-pay is a pre-negotiated price that you agree to pay with the insurance company that you have. For example: If you have a Medicare Advantage plan then you may have to pay a $20 co-pay to go see your primary care doctor or a $40 co-pay for a specialist. You will have to pay that co-pay at the time you have a service done.