FAQ Friday: Does Medicare Cover Transportation?

Medicare Part A and B does NOT cover transportation. Some Medicare Advantage Plans will cover a certain number of rides per year to take you to the doctor, hospital or other medical facilities but that is an additional benefit. There is also a very limited scope of what you can use those services for.

However, that may change in the future. Uber and Lyft are pitching an idea to Medicare and CMS (Center for Medicare Services) that they should be able to provide transportation as part of Medicare benefits or additional Medicare Advantage Plan benefits. Nothing has been set in stone but it’s a win-win situation for all parties. Uber and Lyft get government funding so they get paid and you are able to have transportation provided to you and it’s covered under your healthcare. The idea is that Medicare beneficiaries are provided a certain benefit amount ($1000 for example) a year and they can use that towards a ride from Uber or Lyft. As we said, nothing is set in stone but it is a very exciting idea that we hope gains some traction.

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