Coronavirus Tip safe shopping

Coronavirus Tips to Stay Safe

Coronavirus Tips to Stay Safe

coronavirus tip protect your hands
Protect your hands from the Coronavirus

These Coronavirus tips can keep you safe when you go outside your home. The Coronavirus can live on surfaces, and if you touch these surfaces and then touch your face, you risk becoming infected. Moreover, people can be asymptomatic, not show any symptoms, and infect the surfaces they touch. Therefore, Cornoravirus advice: treat all public surfaces as if infected with the Coronavirus. 

You should avoid touching public surfaces. However, if you must touch a public surface, use protection. For example, you can bring a pocket full of paper towels and a plastic bag. When opening a door, use a paper towel. Then dispose of the used paper towel using the plastic bag This tip protects your hands from the Coronavirus.

Alternatively, you can use your shirt to open doors. It is safer to use your shirt and wash it later than to expose your hands to Coronavirus.

For doors that push open, you can use your shoulder, hip, or foot instead of your hands. When operating the buttons of an elevator, you can use your elbow instead of your finger. Just how great is the Coronavirus risk in America?

The Highest Number of Cases and Deaths in The World

Coronavirus cases and deaths
Coronavirus cases and deaths reported by Wikipedia

As of April 20, 2020, the number of U.S. Coronavirus cases was 772,665. Moreover, the total number of American deaths was 41,155. According to these stats from Wikipedia, the percentage of Americans who have died of Coronavirus was 5.3 percent. So how was America doing compared with the rest of the World?

The United States had the highest number of cases and deaths than any other country in the World. America had more Coronavirus cases than Spain, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined. Therefore, Americans, more than any other country, needed to protect themselves from the Coronavirus.

The following additional tips can help minimize your exposure, lower the spread of Coronavirus, and increase your chance of staying safe.

Coronavirus Tip #2 – Cough into Your Elbow

The second tip to keep you safe from Coronavirus is to follow the CDC guidelines. Since there was no vaccine for Coronavirus, the best way to prevent infection was to avoid exposure to this virus. In 2021, COVID-19 vaccines are available. Getting vaccinated is now the best way to avoid serious illness and death. 

How The Coronavirus Spreads

The Coronavirus spreads person-to-person through “respiratory droplets,” microscopic particles that spray out when a person talks, coughs, or sneezes. So if you are near an infected person and these droplets land on your mouth or noses, you can inhale them into your lungs and become infected with Coronavirus. 

coronavirus tip cough into your elbow

How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

A person may be asymptomatic (think they are not infected because they show no symptoms) and sneeze into their hands. When this infected person touches a public surface, they unknowingly contaminate it with Coronavirus. CDC advises you to cover your mouth with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow when you sneeze or cough. Then throw away the used tissue. Coronavirus advice: couch into your elbow.

Coronavirus Tip #3 – Wear Cloth Face Mask

The CDC advises you to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose when you go out in public. If you do not wear a mask, you could be asymptomatic and spread the virus to others even when you do not feel sick. Thus, “everyone should wear a cloth face cover” in public. Coronavirus advice (tip #3) is to wear a cloth face mask in public.

How to Make a Cloth Mask in 3 Easy Steps

You can make a cloth mask in three easy steps. First, use scissors to cut 7-8 inches from the bottom of your t-shirt. Second, cut 6-7 inches of tie strings, as shown in the illustration below. Finally, tie the strings around your neck and over the top of your head. 

How to make a cloth mask in 3 easy steps

Coronavirus Tip #4 – Practice Safe Shopping

coronavirus advice wear cloth mask and gloves

When you go shopping, wear a cloth mask. If you have disposable gloves, you can wear them while shopping and trash them when you leave the store. Remember to follow these instructions for safely removing your gloves.

  1. Pinch and hold the outside of the glove near the wrist area.
  2. Peel the glove downward, away from the wrist, turning the glove inside-out.
  3. Pull the glove off the hand and into your other gloved hand
  4. With your ungloved hand, slide your finger under the wrist of the remaining glove (do not touch outside of the glove).
  5. Peel the glove downward, away from the wrist, turning the glove inside-out. 
  6. Continue to pull the glove down and over the inside-out held glove until removed from your hand.

Coronavirus advice is to wear a cloth mask and disposable gloves when you go shopping.

Coronavirus Tip #5 – Wash your produce and packaging

When grocery shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid touching produce with your bare hands. Instead, stick your hand inside a clean, store-supplied bag. For example, you can use the outside of the bag like a glove to pick up and inspect the fruits and vegetables. 

Furthermore, you don’t know who touched the produce you bought. At home, always clean your fruits and vegetables in a bath of white vinegar and water for at least 20 seconds. Moreover, clean the outside of food packaging with soap and water. Coronavirus advice is to wash your produce and packaging.  

Coronavirus Tip #6 – For Deliveries, Keep your Distance 

Shopping online is safer than going out to stores and exposing yourself to the Coronavirus. As a result, you may have products and food delivered to your home. Many people have a habit of opening their doors and greeting the delivery person. This behavior puts you at risk.

Instead, have the delivery person leave the items at your door. Then give the delivery person a warm “thank you” through a closed door or a friendly smile and wave through a closed window.

Coronavirus and Medicare

If you are new to Medicare, find out how you can apply for Medicare Part B from the safety of your home. Moreover, get the latest updates on Medicare coverage for Coronavirus. You can also learn how you can access telehealth services at home without traveling to a healthcare facility and risking exposure to the Coronavirus.

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