Choosing a Medigap Policy with MedicareBob

How to Choose a Medigap Policy, with MedicareBob.

1) Are all Medigap Plans the same? Yes, the letter of the Medigap Plan determines what it will cover, not the insurance company that is offering it.

2) Does your Doctor accept Medigap? Yes, as long as your Doctor accepts Medicare, than your Doctor will accept your Medigap Plan.
3) Which is the BEST Medigap Plan? I recommend the Medigap Plan G. Plan G is predictable, as long as you pay your monthly premium, the only out of pocket cost is the Medicare Part D Deductible. The Part B Deductible for 2016 is $166.00.
4) How to get the best price? It is important to work with a Broker that represents all of the top insurance companies.
Senior Healthcare Direct is owned by MedicareBob. Our agents assist Medicare beneficiaries with finding the right Medigap Plan and getting them the best value.

You can reach Senior Healthcare Direct by calling: 1-855-368-4717.