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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rates Drop

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Rates Drop in Ohio & Nebraska

MedicareBob™ here to let you know that Mutual of Omaha has announced a Medicare supplement rate drop for Ohio and Nebraska.  With this rate drop, you are able to get an affordable Medicare supplement premium as well as exceptional service.

Aflac Discontinues offering Medicare Supplement Plans

Aflac is Discontinuing offering Medicare Supplement Plans Effective September 27, 2013. 

Aflac has decided to discontinue offering Medicare Supplement Plans, the last day to submit an application is September 27, 2013. Aflac has not announced a reason for removing Medicare Supplement Plans from their portfolio of insurance products.

MedicareBob™ to Consumers that are considering choosing Aflac Medicare Supplement Plans: If you have been considering Aflac for your Medicare Supplement Plan, do not purchase it. Even though Aflac is accepting new Applications through September 27th, it is not a good idea because Aflac will not be accepting any new clients after the deadline, so as you get older I anticipate the rates to jump extremely high. If no one new can enter into the Plan, than only the people that are too sick to leave (or too lazy to shop) will be on the Plan, therefore the premium price will increase much faster than a Medicare Supplement Company that is still accepting new members.

MedicareBob™ to Consumers that currently have Aflac Medicare Supplement Plans: Jump ship, if you are still in your “Medicare Open Enrollment Period”, or you are healthy enough to switch to a different Medicare Supplement Plan you should do so. As mentioned earlier, because Aflac is not accepting new members, your Aflac Medicare Supplement Premium will increase a lot more than and faster when compared to you joining with a Company that is still accepting new members. 


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Medicare Supplement Plan J, why did you leave me?

Medicare Supplement Plan J, why did you leave me?

As of June 1st, 2010 Medicare Supplement Plan J is no longer being offered to Medicare beneficiaries. If you currently have Medicare Supplement Plan J, you will still be “grandfathered in”, meaning that you can keep the Plan J.


Original Medicare made two upgrades: 

  • Medicare now covers “Preventive Healthcare”
  • Medicare now covers “At Home Recovery” 

Since Medicare now covers these two benefits, Medicare Supplement Plan J is not any better than Medicare Supplement Plan F. Therefore, Medicare Supplement Plan F is now the most comprehensive Plan, replacing Medicare Supplement Plan J. 


Yes, anyone that has a Medicare Supplement Plan J is “grandfathered in”, therefore you can keep your Plan J.  


 There are two reasons that it is likely that the Plan J premium is going to continue to  increase:

  1. Because there are not any people entering into the Plan J.
  2. Most of the people that are going to keep the Plan J are the people that are not healthy enough to switch plans, therefore driving up the monthly premium.


If you have health issues, than yes. However, if you have had stable health for the past two years you should change from a Medicare Supplement Plan J to a Medicare Supplement Plan F or G.


Medicare Supplement Plan F now offers the same coverage as the Medicare Supplement Plan J offered. 


Medicare Supplement Plan G offers the same coverage as the Plan J, except you have a small annual deductible of $147.00.  

 (MedicareBob™ recommends the Medicare Supplement Plan G)

Medicare insurance question? Want quotes from 20+ Medicare Supplement Companies? Want a chart of the available Medicare Advantage Plans in you County? Call me, Robert W. Bache aka MedicareBob™: 1-800-525-0299.


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Medicare Supplement OR Medicare Advantage Plan, which is better?

Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage Plan, which offers better coverage?
A Medicare Supplement Plan works with Medicare to pay the out of pocket costs that Medicare does not pay for. When you have a Medicare Supplement Plan, you will continue to use your Medicare red, white, and blue card, as well as your Medicare Supplement Card.

A Medicare Advantage Plan works in replace of Medicare. Medicare pays a private insurance company to insure you, with the requirement that the benefits are at least as good as what Medicare offers. If you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can put away your Medicare red, white, and blue card because you will only be required to present your Medicare Advantage Plan card to use the insurance.
So which is better?
Good news, there is no wrong answer, they both are good, and both probably offer better coverage than you are used too. Below are the good and the bad for each type of insurance, I hope this helps:

 Medicare Supplement:

The Good:

Flexibility- choice of Doctor and/or Hospital

Predictability- very little out of pocket expense

Pays all hospital bills

You and your Doctor decide your care

Easy to shop and compare the different prices

No referrals are required, no HMO or PPO

Travels with you, same coverage all over the US

Electronic Billing

The Bad:

An additional Monthly Premium ($75-$180)

No dental or vision coverage

Monthly premium increases every year

No prescription drug coverage, you will need Part D


In summary, a Medicare Supplement Plan is going to cost an additional monthly premium, but it provides coverage that allows you to choose your own Healthcare Providers, and it is easy to budget because as long as you pay the monthly premium, you will rarely get a bill.

Medicare Advantage Plan

The Good:

Very low monthly premium, sometimes $0.00

Insurance Company helps manage your care

Some dental and/or vision

Includes prescription drug coverage

The Bad:

High out of pocket costs up to $3,500 to $7,500

Doctor / Hospital Network: HMO or PPO

Requires referrals

Annual Contracts, can only change 10/15-12/07

Coverage is limited to your County

Insurance Company decides your care

In summary, a Medicare Advantage Plan operates like group health insurance that most of us have had our whole life, and has a low monthly premium. However, if you are retiring and your income is being reduced, it may be more difficult to have health insurance that is impossible to budget for because you do not know how much you will use the Plan each year.

Candid MedicareBob™: I assist roughly 100 people per month with choosing which Medicare Coverage is the best for them, and 70% of the time, the choice is a Medicare Supplement Plan. This does not mean that I do not like Medicare Advantage Plans, to me it really comes down to the pricing that is available for the Medicare Supplement Plans in your area. If a Medicare Supplement Plan F, G, or Plan N is $100 or less per month, than a Medicare Supplement makes a lot of sense for most people. This being said, I do have clients that cannot afford a Medicare Supplement, this is when I assist them in choosing the right Medicare Advantage Plan for them. As I mentioned previously, both Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans typically offer better insurance than you have had while you were working.


You should know: The only time that you are guaranteed approval for any Medicare Supplement Plan is when you first turn 65 years old, or within 6 months of when you start Medicare Part B.

How do I, a licensed insurance agent/broker that sells Medicare Supplements and/or Medicare Advantage Plans make money?

This is a fair question, and I am happy to share this information with you. My services; Medicare education, telephonic enrollment, and customer service, has no additional cost to you. I get paid by the insurance company, not by you.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A SHORT VIDEO: Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, which is better?

Medicare insurance question? What quotes from 20+ Medicare Supplement Companies? What a chart of the available Medicare Advantage Plans in you County? Call me, Robert W. Bache aka MedicareBob™: 1-800-525-0299.

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Which is Better, Medicare Supplement Insurance or Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage

Robert Bache aka MedicareBob™ explains the fundamental differences between Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Robert Bache, “Are you a person that would rather pay now or pay later? Medicare Supplement is for people who would rather pay now, a Medicare Advantage Plan is for people that would rather pay later…”

Medigap / Medicare Supplement Plan N Explained by Robert Bache

Medicare Supplement Plan N Explained by Robert Bache

Medicare Supplement Insurance: You pay a monthly premium, and in return your Medicare Supplement pays your medical and hospital bills that Medicare does not pay. There are many different Medicare Supplement Plans, each Medicare Supplement Plan is identified by a letter. The Medicare Supplement Plans are Federally Regulated and are required to offer the same coverage.

Example: Cigna’s Medicare Supplement Plan N, offers the same coverage as Aflac’s Medicare Supplement Plan N. The letter assigned to plan dictated your coverage level, not the company that you choose as your Carrier.

Today, I want to focus on the benefits offered with the Medicare Supplement Plan N. Plan N is a good plan for a Medicare Beneficiary that wants the flexibility of being able to go to any Doctor or Facility that accepts Medicare, but also cannot justify paying a large monthly premium because they may be in good health.

Plan N’s Hospital Coverage: If you are admitted into the hospital, the Medicare Supplement Plan N pays the Medicare Part A Deductible and all of the copays while you are in the hospital. However, if you are not admitted, than you will be required to pay a $50.00 copay for visiting the emergency room.

MedicareBob™’s thought: So this is pretty cool, we purchase insurance to protect ourselves against big hospital bills, and the Plan N satisfies this. $50.00 as a worse case for going to the hospital seems fair to me.

Plan N’s Medical and Doctor Coverage: Medicare Supplement Plan N requires you to pay the Medicare Part B Deductible, for 2013 this amount is $147.00 for the whole year. With the Plan N, after you meet the annual deductible of $147.00, your Doctor has the right to charge “up to” a $20.00 copay. Typically, my Clients have shared with me that their average Primary Care Visit is a $10.00 copay, and a specialist charges the full $20.00.

MedicareBob™’s thought: Plan N pays the 20%, so again this is an example of having insurance for the “big things”, and the Plan N does this by protecting you against the 20% that Medicare does not pay.

Part B Excess Charges: Plan N does not pay, “Part B Excess Charges”. A Part B Excess Charge is when a Doctor does not accept “Medicare Assignment” (What Medicare has approved for the service provided). A Doctor can not pick and choose when to accept and not accept Medicare Assignment, either He/She does or does not.

MedicareBob™’s thought: The most the Part B Excess Charge can be is 15%, plus you can avoid them by asking your Doctor if He/She accepts “Medicare Assignment”. In my experience, most do.

In summary, Medicare Supplement Plan in offers a lower monthly premium but at the same time offers very comprehensive coverage. Plan N is a great alternative to Medicare Supplement Plan F, as long as you understand that you will have some out of pocket costs when you use the Plan.

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Medicare Supplement Plan G is often the most cost-effective Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan G is often the most cost-effective Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans are also called, “Medigap”.

Medicare Supplement Plan G benefits:

Fills in all of the gaps to Medicare except the Medicare Part B deductible. The MedicarePart B deductible for 2013 is $147.00.

When you choose Medicare Supplement Plan G, you will no copays.

Medicare Supplement Plan G also provides the flexibility of choosing any doctor that accepts Medicare.

Senior Healthcare Direct represents all of the top Medicare Supplement Companies, we save you money by helping you shop.

FREE QUOTE: OR CALL TOLL FREE: 1-855-368-4717.


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Baby Boomers are Purchasing Medicare Supplement Insurance over the Phone

Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Beneficiaries are purchasing their Medicare Supplement Insurance over the Phone:

Senior Healthcare Direct is a Telephonic Medicare Insurance Agency that guarantees the most cost-effective and time-effective route in purchasing Medicare Supplement Insurance.

One phone call connects people shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance to one of our agents that represents over 26 insurance companies in 40 states.

“It really is the best way to purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance, our agents only specialize in Medicare, our agents represent all of the top A+ rated insurance companies, and NO PAPERWORK”, Robert Bache aka “MedicareBob™”.

Insurance Companies have turned to electronic enrollment processes, it saves everyone time and money.

Senior Healthcare Direct represents: Aetna, Aflac, Cigna, Coventry, Mutual of Omaha, Humana, Heartland National, HealthSprings, GPM, United Healthcare, AARP Medicare Supplement Plans, Wellcare, and more…

The Baby Boomer generation is used to shopping and comparing information online / over the phone, and Senior Healthcare Direct offers both:

Shop now for FREE online:

All Medicare Supplement Plans offer the same coverage, to get the best price is easy, Call today to speak to one of our Medicare Supplement Specialist:


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Medicare Supplement Rate Changes

Medicare Supplement Rate Changes
June 2013

Effective Date
Ave. Increase
American Continental Insurance Company7/1/20138.4%0% – 10%; Varies by state
American Republic Corp Insurance Company6/1/20134.3%(5%) – 15%; Varies by state
Assured Life Association5/1/20135.7%Lousiana
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company5/1 – 7/1/20137.8%0% – 20.1%; Varies by state
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina6/1/201311.8%North Carolina
Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha6/1/20136.4%Maryland
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company1/1/201312.1%Ohio
Community Insurance Company (Anthem/Wellpoint)7/1/201312.0%Ohio
Everence Association Inc.4/1/20133.6%2.1% – 5.7%; Varies by state
Family Life Insurance Company6/1/20137.0%South Carolina
Humana Insurance Company8/1 – 9/1/20130.5%(15.6%) – 10.4%; Varies by state
New Era Life Insurance Company7/1/20138.1%Pennsylvania
New West Health Services6/1/20135.7%Montana
Omaha Insurance Company6/1/20139.1%5% – 12%; Varies by state
Paramount Insurance Company1/1/20132.2%Ohio
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company6/1/20134.4%Ohio
Royal Neighbors of America7/1 – 9/1/2013(3.0%)(9.1%) – 7%; Varies by state
Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company3/1 – 5/1/20136.2%0% – 36%; Varies by state
Sterling Investors Life Insurance Company7/1 – 8/1/201311.0%5% – 15%; Varies by state
THP Insurance Company1/1/20130.0%Ohio
United American Insurance Company5/1 – 5/15/20132.3%(10%) – 18.4%; Varies by state
United Commercial Travelers of America5/1 – 8/1/20138.7%7% – 12%; Varies by state
United World Life Insurance Company6/1/20134.1%Colorado
USAA Life Insurance Company4/1/201311.1%2.4% – 23.3%; Varies by state
Woodmen of the World5/1/201313.2%Oregon

Source: CSG Actuarial.

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AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance

AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Robert Bache aka MedicareBob™ discusses the added benefits that AARP Medicare Supplement Plans offer.

Medicare Beneficiaries are overpaying for their Medicare Supplement Insurance

WHY Medicare Beneficiaries are overpaying for their Medicare Supplement Plan?


A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan is offered by private insurance companies to pay the hospital and medical bills that Medicare does not pay.


I believe people on Medicare are overpaying for their Medicare Supplement Plan for 3 reasons:

  1. People do not know that all Medicare Supplement Plans offer the same coverage.
  2. People do not know when they can shop for a lower premium.
  3. People do not know how to lower their monthly premium.

1) ALL Medicare Supplement Plans are federally regulated and offer the same exact coverage. Medicare Supplement Plan F is Medicare Supplement Plan F. It does not matter who your Medicare Supplement Insurance Company is, PLAN F IS THE SAME WITH ALL MEDICARE INSURANCE COMPANIES.

Please note, the same goes for all Medicare Supplement Plans, Plan G, Plan N, etc…

2) You can start paying less for your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan “Right Now”. The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period of 10/15 through 12/07, only refers to your Medicare Part D and/or Medicare Advantage Plan. For your Medicare Supplement Plan, you have the freedom to shop and compare at any time of year.


3) It is easy to apply to lower your Medicare Supplement Insurance monthly premium. Most Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies have developed a “Telephonic Application”. This makes it really easy to submit an application to lower your monthly premium.


“MedicareBob™” and Senior Healthcare Direct can help. We are 6 licensed insurance agents that are licensed in over 40 states. We are unique because we are approved and appointed with over 35 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies, Aflac, Aetna, AARP/United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha, etc…) It is our job to make sure that our Clients are always paying the best price for their Medicare Supplement Plan.


For more information, or to shop your Medicare Supplement Price, please contact “MedicareBob™”

Robert W. Bache aka “MedicareBob™”


Senior Healthcare Direct

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www.MedicareBob™.com or


AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans


Whether you agree or disagree with AARP’s political stands, the AARP Medicare Supplement Programs have some added bells and whistles.


NOTE: AARP is not the insurance company, United Healthcare is.


AARP Medicare Plans offer two value added services:

  1. Silver Sneakers Program, you receive a FREE gym membership at participating gyms.
  2. EyeMed, is a vision discount program. You pay only $40.00 for routine eye exams. Plus you save 30% on prescription glasses and up to 20% on contact lenses.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans also offer:

  • 5% Household discount off of the monthly premium price
  • $2.00 monthly discount off of the monthly premium price for choosing EFT
  • 6 month rate guarantee
  • Community rating

My favorite thing about AARP Medicare Supplement Plans is that AARP does not require a member to “re-apply” to switch Plans. For example, if you have a Plan N and you want to upgrade to a Plan F, AARP is one of the only Companies that will let you do this without medically qualify.


AARP is one of the insurance companies that I represent, if you would like to get your quote, or enroll (I am one of the only Agents approved to perform “telephonic enrollments” with AARP), please contact me.


Robert W. Bache aka MedicareBob™





Robert Bache, “MedicareBob™” is the owner of Senior Healthcare Direct. Senior Healthcare Direct is a fully telephonic Medicare Insurance Agency that is licensed in 36 states.

MedicareBob™’s Principles:

  1. Education
  2. Options
  3. Customer Service

Medicare Supplement Rate Adjustment in NE

American Continental Insurance Company (ACI) has received approval for a rate adjustment on Medicare Supplement policies currently available in Nebraska.

What You Need To Know:

  • A 6% rate increase is approved for all currently marketed (open block) plans, effective July 1, 2013.
  • ACI Medicare Supplement plans offer a 12-month rate guarantee.

For affected policyholders, the rate increase will become effective on the policyholder’s next Policy Anniversary Date that occurs on or after July 1, 2013.

Robert W. Bache




Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, which is better for me?

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, which is better?

They are both good, there is no wrong answer.

Summary of Medicare Advantage Plan:

Low monthly premium
HMO/PPO means you can only go to certain Doctors and Hospitals
“Pay as you go”, you will have copay’s for Medical Services: Doctor visits, Hospitalization, Lab Work, Advanced Imaging, etc…

Is a Medicare Advantage Plan right for me?

If you are comfortable with having a list of Doctors/Hospitals/Facilities, and you do not mind be required to pay a copay every time you use your Plan, than yes, a Medicare Advantage might be a good fit for you.

Summary of Medicare Supplement Plan:

Flexibility, you can go to any Hospital/Doctor/Facility that accepts Medicare
Predictable, Medicare Supplement’s pay what Medicare would normally charge you
An additional $80 to $140 monthly premium

Is a Medicare Supplement Plan right for me?

Not so healthy person: Yes, you will save money by purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Healthy person: Would you consider the additional monthly premium a cost of living or a waste of money?

Waste of money: Then you are not a Medicare Supplement type of person…
Cost of living: I am 65 or older, things happen…

I am able to discuss this better through my video blog and or on the phone.


Call Me, Robert W. Bache Toll Free: 1-855-368-4717 or Cell: 727-643-0219.