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This blog section contains information on Medicare Advantage plans. Learn about Medicare Part C and discover when you can change your plan during the Open Enrollment Periods. Moreover, find out about Silver Sneakers, Dental Plans, and compare Supplement plans to Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Dental Vision Hearing

Does Medicare cover Dental, Vision, and Hearing?

In this MedicareBob video, Robert Bache answers the this question. Watch the video for the answer.

Senior Healthcare Direct provides a “stand alone” that works covers these services. You can call our office for more information at 1-855-368-4717.

Medicare Advantage Plans

If you watched the MedicareBob video, you discovered the answer to your question is no. However, Medicare Part A will pay for certain dental services while you are a hospital inpatient.

Medicare Advantage plans do cover dental, vision, and hearing. You can learn more about why dental checkups are important and our stand alone plan in this Dental Plans for Seniors article.

Medicare Advantage Plan HMO-POS

What is Medicare Advantage Plan HMO-POS?

In this MedicareBob video, Robert Bache explains the limited flexiblity of an HMO plan. Find out the risks you take with an HMO-POS plan. Furthermore, you will discover the benefits of an HMO-POS over an HMO plan.

Shop Medicare Advantage Plans

Ready to shop for your Medicare Advantage plan? Call Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-855-368-4717. You can also learn more the difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage and view a chart that compares the benefits and costs side-by-side.

How does a Medicare Advantage Plan work?

Medicare Advantage Explained

In this MedicareBob video, Robert Bache answers the question, “How does a Medicare Advantage Plan work?” A Medicare Advantage Plan is also called Medicare Part C. You will learn how an Advantage Plan is similar to employment group insurance with the big difference being the deductible you pay. Furthermore, discover the differences between HMO and PPO.

Shop Medicare Advantage Plans

To find out which Advantage Plans are available in your county call Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-855-368-4717. You can learn more about Medicare Advantage Plans.

What are the Benefits to Advantage Plans?

Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

In this MedicareBob video, Robert Bache explains why people “like” Medicare Advantage Plans. Watch this video and learn 3 benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans.

How to Shop Your Advantage Plan

At Senior Healthcare Direct you have two options for shopping your Medicare Advantage Plan. First, you can call our office direct at 1-855-368-4717. Second, you can get a quote by filling out a short form and a licensed agent will contact you. You can learn more about Medicare Advantage Benefits.

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Advantage vs Supplement

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

In this MedicareBob video, Robert Bache helps you chose which coverage is best for you Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement? Watch this video and learn how to simplify the process of choosing your Medicare Plan.

Compare Advantage Vs. Supplement

Get a side-by-side comparison of Advantage vs Supplement in the Medicare 2020 chart. You can use this chart to compare benefits and costs. Then decide which Medicare plan is best for you. Ready to shop for a Medicare Plan? Call Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-855-368-4717.

Obamacare and Medicare Advantage Plans

Obamacare and Medicare Advantage Plans

In this MedicareBob video, Robert Bache talks about the impact of Obamacare and Medicare Advantage Plans. In the video, Roberts uncovers what Humana’s CEO said about Medicare Advantage Plans. Watch the video and get Robert’s prediction on what he thinks will happen with Medicare Advantage Plans.

Tweet your Obamacare Questions

Robert Bache invites you to respond to his prediction or give your comment about Obamacare @MedicareBob You can learn more about Medicare Advantage Plans.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan 2014 HMO

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan 2014 HMO

Aetna is offering two types of Medicare HMO Plans in 2014:
1. The Aetna Medicare Traditional HMO
2. The Aetna Medicare Open Access HMO

The Aetna MedicareTraditional HMO:
Referrals are not needed for certain services that are considered “direct access”:

  •   ER and urgent care
  •   Routine eye exams
  •   Flu and pneumonia shots
  •   Annual mammograms

The Aetna Medicare Traditional HMO requires a member select and use a primary care physician (PCP).
The PCP coordinates care and provides referrals to other health care providers in the Aetna Medicare Plan (HMO) network.
Getting a referral is easy. If the PCP cannot treat the condition, the doctor can issue a referral to an Aetna Medicare Plan (HMO) network specialist.

The Aetna Medicare Open Access HMO:

  •  It allows members to go to any Aetna Medicare Plan (HMO) network provider they choose for covered services without a primary care provider (PCP) referral.
  •   PCP selection is not required, but is recommended.
  •   Members receive the same benefits as the Traditional HMO plan.

ALL 2014 Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO Plans include:

  •   Routine physicals
  •   Annual Wellness exams
  •   Mammograms
  •   Routine gynecology exams
  •   Prostate cancer screenings
  •   Flue and pneumonia vaccines
  •   Colorectal screenings
  •   Bone density exams (bone mass measurement)
  •   All Plans have a maximum out of pocket amount
  • Aetna Health ConnectionsSM Disease Management
  • Healthy Outlook Program
  • National Medical Excellence Program
  • Case Management Services
  • Annual Preventative Reminders
  • Numbers to know
  • Informed Health Line
  • Doc Find

Here is a partial list of benefits covered in the plans:

  •   Primary care
  •   Specialty care
  •   Inpatient hospitalization
  •   Surgery
  •   Home health care
  •   Skilled nursing care
  •   Outpatient services
  •   Ambulance services
  •   Urgently needed care
  •   Hearing aid and/or eyewear reimbursements are covered in some plans.

All plan include a monthly health club membership that includes two options:
o Tier 1 clubs – no copay
o Tier 2 clubs – nominal annual copay

  •   Members are covered for urgent and emergency medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world.
  •   Optional Supplemental Benefits that provide coverage for dental, hearing, and/or vision are available for an extra cost with some HMO Plans.

Some plans include a Transportation benefit (24 one-way trips) per year that can be used for travel for defined health care needs.

MedicareBob™’s Favorite Benefit for Aetna’s 2014 Medicare Advantage HMO Plans:
I really like “Aetna’s Travel Advantage Program” which includes the following the Travel Advantage Program Fact Sheet:

o It covers members who are temporarily traveling to another Medicare HMO service area for up to 12 consecutive months.
o It provides access to the same benefits that members receive in their home service area.
o Member must contact Member Services to elect the Travel Advantage Program.
o Members must contact Member Services when they return to their home service area.
o Members must use Aetna Medicare HMO network Providers.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan 2014 HMO review by MedicareBob

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Discover the differences between Medicare Advantage vs Original Medicare.

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About Medicare Advantage Plans / Medicare Part C

About Medicare Advantage Plans / Medicare Part C

What Is Medicare Advantage (Part C)?

As a Medicare recipient, you are eligible for additional health plan choices, such as Medicare Advantage. This type of plan, sometimes referred to as “Part C”, combines health insurance with health services. The benefits include all of Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance), and certain plans may also include Part D (prescription drug coverage).

Medicare coverage is broken up into parts and cover specific services.

Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) includes:

  • Hospital and inpatient care
  • Nursing facilities, hospice, and home health care

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) includes:

  • Doctors’ services, hospital outpatient care, and home health care
  • Preventive services

Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) includes:

  • Prescription drug coverage through Medicare-approved insurance companies
  • Discounts on prescription drugs

Each health insurance company must follow the guidelines set by Medicare. However, there are no set rules regarding out-of-pocket costs or how a member receives services (referrals, in-network vs. out-of-network). These rules vary according to health insurance carrier and may change each year.

I would love the opportunity of assisting you in understanding the available Medicare Advantage Plans in your County, please call me toll free: 1-800-525-0299.

-Robert Bache, “MedicareBob”