Aetna Pulls out of Obamacare – What about Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans?

Aetna pulls out of Obamacare

Aetna has announced that the Company may be withdrawing from offering health plans on the Healthcare Exchange. The point for this blog post is to assure Medicare Beneficiaries that currently have an Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan that their Plan is “safe”.

Aenta in the news:

If you have been watching the news today, you have probably seen news stories with headlines like, “Aetna threatened to Quite Obamacare if U.S. Blocked Humana Merger.” This particular title is from NBC News.

It is my goal to help Medicare Beneficiaries understand how this will impact their Medicare Supplement Insurance.

I have been receiving phone calls from my clients that have Aetna for their Medicare Supplement Insurance, asking me if Aetna is canceling their Supplement Plan. Here is the answer:

Aetna is threatening to withdraw from offering health plans to people under 65 ( not on Medicare), so this has NO direct impact on Aetna’s Medicare Supplement Plans. 

So if you currently have Aetna as your Medicare Supplement Plan, your plan is not affected by what you are seeing on the news. You Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan is, “safe”!

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Blog by: Robert Bache aka, Medicare Bob