Senior couple exercising in gym

AARP Medicare Supplement

AARP Medicare Supplement

In this video, Robert Bache aka MedicareBob explains AARP Medicare Supplement plans. UnitedHealthcare is the insurance company for AARP supplement plans. In 2013, AARP offered additional benefits that includes SilverSneakers. Robert says, “You can get a free gym membership at YCMA and some other gyms as well. You can check which gyms accept SilverSneakers by going to their website.” You can search locations by entering your city or zip code for a list of available locations.

AARP Makes It Easy To Change Your Plan

Furthermore, AARP allows you to change your Medicare Supplement Plan in most states without having to medically re-qualify. For example, your a senior in relatively good health and choose Medigap Plan N because its lower in premium and has a small deductible and copays. You decide its the best plan that meets your needs.

Then several years later, you health changes and you want to upgrade to a Medigap Plan F. In most states, you do not have go through medical supplement insurance underwriting with AARP. Other supplement insurance companies would require you to medically qualify.

Conversely, you may have the financial means to purchase Medicare Plan F. Then a few years later, you no longer have the financial means to pay for Medigap Plan F. You could downgrade to Plan N without having to medically qualify.

UnitedHealthcare Drops SilverSneakers

At the end of 2018, UnitedHealthcare in association with AARP dropped SilverSneakers. Discover the alternative offering by reading about this SilverSneaker update.

New Fitness Program for Seniors

Senior Healthcare Direct offers a new fitness program for seniors called Active&Fit. It offers a large network of fitness centers including the following:

Senior couple exercising in gym
New Fitness Program for Seniors – Active&Fit
  • LA Fitness
  • Curves
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Snap Fitness

Moreover, the Active&Fit network also includes Gold’s Gym and YCMA locations. Get more info about this new fitness program for seniors.