2020 Part D Updates: Humana Part D Doubled Premium

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This is an important Medicare Part D update concerning anyone that currently has the Humana Walmart Part D plan.

If you have had the Humana Walmart Plan for the last couple years, you should have received a letter from Humana stating that they will be rolling into their Humana Premier plan, which is a really good drug plan however, it has a very high premium. The average price that I have heard from clients is between $55 – $65 a month which is more than double what they were paying.

The good news is that there are options. Humana has also introduced a new Humana Walmart Value Part D plan for 2020. This plan may be a good fit for you. However, if you are taking all generic medications there are other Part D options out there that are very good.

WellCare Wellness is around $13.00 a month in most areas and that plan is showing up as being a very affordable plan for anyone taking all generic medications.

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