2018 Social Security Cost of Living Increase 2%.

My name is Robert Bache, “MedicareBob” and I am going to share The REAL Effects this will have on Medicare Beneficiaries in 2018:

For most of you, this increase is going to cost you more money! If you are drawing Social Security, Medicare can only raise your Part B monthly premium if you receive a Cost of Living increase. In 2018, everyone is receiving a 2% Cost of Living increase, these means that Medicare is raising your Part B Premium. Most of you will see your Part B premium increase from $109.00 per month to $134.00 per month, a $25 monthly increase / $300 annual increase.

What can you do about it?

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment has a few weeks left, now is the time you can:

  • Save money on your Medicare Supplement Plan. Medicare Supplement Plan G is offering the greatest value for 2018. Plan G pays all the Medicare costs except a very small annual deductible of $183.00, AND you can keep your Doctors. Any Provider that accepts Medicare accepts the Plan G nationwide.
  • Save money on your Medicare Part D Plan.

How my office can help:

  • Getting you the best price for your Medicare Supplement Plan G. We will shop over 30 Carriers that all offer the same Plan G and we will get you the best price.
  • Saving on Part D: All we need is a list of your medications; your preferred pharmacy and we will compare all the Part D Plans and get you the one that will save you the most amount of money for 2018.

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