Pinellas County Wellcare Plan

Hello Pinellas County Florida, Robert Bache, aka “MedicareBob™” here with a follow up blog. After my last blog regarding the 2014 Wellcare Dividend Medicare Advantage Plan that will pay you back most of the $104 that Medicare deducts from your Social Security, a lot of people sent me e-mails asking me to provide the benefits of the Plan.

I researched the full Summary of Benefits, and typed up a summary for your convenience. I am providing this information to you because WellCare is one of the 20 Medicare Insurance Companies that I represent, and in Pinellas County I really the like this Plan.

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Insurance Plan Summary
Plan WellCare Dividend H1032-032
Plan Type HMO

Medical Coverage
Primary Care $0 copay
Specialist Visits $30 copay
Routine Annual Physical $0 copay
Routine Annual Eye $0 copay for up to 1 supplemental routine eye exam(s) every year
Inpatient Hospital Care $125 copay per day, days 1-10
Diagnostic Tests, X-rays, & Lab Services $0 to $50 copay (or 20% of the cost)
Outpatient Surgery $75 to $125 copay
Emergency Care $65 copay, waived if admitted
Urgent Care $45 copay, waived if admitted
Ambulance $100 copay
Home Health Care $0 copay
Skilled Nursing $0 copay per day, days 1-20; $152 copay per day, days 21-100
Annual Deductible N/A
Out-of-Pocket Maximum $6,700.00
Out-of-Network Coverage It may cost more to get care from out-of-network providers, except in an emergency. See Plan Details for additional information.
Prescription Drug Coverage

Pharmacy Deductible $0
Retail (one month) $0/$6/$30/$75/33%
Mail (three month) $0/$12/$60/$150

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Incorrect Medicare Part D information may be on your letter from Social Security:

Senior Healthcare Direct
December 18, 2013
Incorrect Medicare Part D information may be on your letter from Social Security:

I hope you are doing well. This is Robert Bache, aka “MedicareBob™”. I want to share some information with you about a letter that you might receive from the Social Security Administration about an increase in your Social Security Income for 2014.

Great news: Most people are receiving an increase in their Social Security Income.

Bad news: Social Security did not communicate very well with Medicare regarding your Medicare Part D information. On this letter, the Part D information does not reflect if you made a change for 2014, the letter reflects your 2013 Part D Plan information.

In summary, If you made a Medicare Part D change for 2014, the letter from Social Security does not reflect your correct monthly premium information.

It is not too late to shop for the best 2014 Medicare Supplement Price. The December 7th deadline only applies to the Medicare Part D Coverage.

As you know, all Medicare Supplement Plans offer the same insurance coverage, so there is no reason to over pay. Senior Healthcare Direct represents all of the top Medicare Supplement Companies.

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