Medicare Advantage Plans are Changing

Medicare Advantage Plans are Changing

Obamacare includes some changes to the Medicare Advantage program:

  • Starting January 2014, Medicare Advantage plans will be held to a minimum loss ratio of 85%
  • Requires restructuring the funding levels to Medicare Advantage plans in order to reduce payments closer to traditional Medicare (i.e. remove the 14% “overpayment” to Medicare Advantage)

            1)  Congressional Budget Office estimates this will cut $145 billion over 10 years

           2)  The payment restructuring was designed to be implemented in 2011.

  • However, in 2012 CMS expanded “quality” payments to Medicare Advantage plans through a demonstration program (outside of Obamacare) that effectively mitigated most of the impact of the Medicare Advantage funding cuts from Obamacare.  The demonstration program is targeted to continue through 2014, at which time the additional bonus payments will end unless other measures are put in place.

MedicareBob™’s explanation:

Medicare Advantage Plans are receiving less money from the Government, therefore the insurance companies are going to have to do better with less money. I look for the smaller Medicare Advantage companies to either go out of business, or be purchased by one of the bigger insurance companies.

Examples: Care Improvement Plus has been purchased by United Healthcare, and Coventry has been purchased by Aetna.

What does this mean to people one Medicare Advantage Plans?

·         Less options

·         Less benefits

·         Maybe more of a monthly premium

The days of paying a $0.00 premium and receiving a rich Medicare Advantage Plan are ending soon. However, when you compare the benefits and premium of a Medicare Advantage Plan to an Employer or Private insurance Plan, Medicare Advantage Plans are still typically going to offer better coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans over the next few years should still offer good benefits for a low monthly premium.

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AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance

AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Robert Bache aka MedicareBob™ discusses the added benefits that AARP Medicare Supplement Plans offer.

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Medicare Advantage Plan HMO-POS

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Medicare Advantage Explanation

Medicare Beneficiaries are overpaying for their Medicare Supplement Insurance

WHY Medicare Beneficiaries are overpaying for their Medicare Supplement Plan?


A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan is offered by private insurance companies to pay the hospital and medical bills that Medicare does not pay.


I believe people on Medicare are overpaying for their Medicare Supplement Plan for 3 reasons:

  1. People do not know that all Medicare Supplement Plans offer the same coverage.
  2. People do not know when they can shop for a lower premium.
  3. People do not know how to lower their monthly premium.

1) ALL Medicare Supplement Plans are federally regulated and offer the same exact coverage. Medicare Supplement Plan F is Medicare Supplement Plan F. It does not matter who your Medicare Supplement Insurance Company is, PLAN F IS THE SAME WITH ALL MEDICARE INSURANCE COMPANIES.

Please note, the same goes for all Medicare Supplement Plans, Plan G, Plan N, etc…

2) You can start paying less for your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan “Right Now”. The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period of 10/15 through 12/07, only refers to your Medicare Part D and/or Medicare Advantage Plan. For your Medicare Supplement Plan, you have the freedom to shop and compare at any time of year.


3) It is easy to apply to lower your Medicare Supplement Insurance monthly premium. Most Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies have developed a “Telephonic Application”. This makes it really easy to submit an application to lower your monthly premium.


“MedicareBob™” and Senior Healthcare Direct can help. We are 6 licensed insurance agents that are licensed in over 40 states. We are unique because we are approved and appointed with over 35 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies, Aflac, Aetna, AARP/United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha, etc…) It is our job to make sure that our Clients are always paying the best price for their Medicare Supplement Plan.


For more information, or to shop your Medicare Supplement Price, please contact “MedicareBob™”

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AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans


Whether you agree or disagree with AARP’s political stands, the AARP Medicare Supplement Programs have some added bells and whistles.


NOTE: AARP is not the insurance company, United Healthcare is.


AARP Medicare Plans offer two value added services:

  1. Silver Sneakers Program, you receive a FREE gym membership at participating gyms.
  2. EyeMed, is a vision discount program. You pay only $40.00 for routine eye exams. Plus you save 30% on prescription glasses and up to 20% on contact lenses.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans also offer:

  • 5% Household discount off of the monthly premium price
  • $2.00 monthly discount off of the monthly premium price for choosing EFT
  • 6 month rate guarantee
  • Community rating

My favorite thing about AARP Medicare Supplement Plans is that AARP does not require a member to “re-apply” to switch Plans. For example, if you have a Plan N and you want to upgrade to a Plan F, AARP is one of the only Companies that will let you do this without medically qualify.


AARP is one of the insurance companies that I represent, if you would like to get your quote, or enroll (I am one of the only Agents approved to perform “telephonic enrollments” with AARP), please contact me.


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Robert Bache, “MedicareBob™” is the owner of Senior Healthcare Direct. Senior Healthcare Direct is a fully telephonic Medicare Insurance Agency that is licensed in 36 states.

MedicareBob™’s Principles:

  1. Education
  2. Options
  3. Customer Service

Medicare Supplement Rate Adjustment in NE

American Continental Insurance Company (ACI) has received approval for a rate adjustment on Medicare Supplement policies currently available in Nebraska.

What You Need To Know:

  • A 6% rate increase is approved for all currently marketed (open block) plans, effective July 1, 2013.
  • ACI Medicare Supplement plans offer a 12-month rate guarantee.

For affected policyholders, the rate increase will become effective on the policyholder’s next Policy Anniversary Date that occurs on or after July 1, 2013.

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Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, which is better for me?

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, which is better?

They are both good, there is no wrong answer.

Summary of Medicare Advantage Plan:

Low monthly premium
HMO/PPO means you can only go to certain Doctors and Hospitals
“Pay as you go”, you will have copay’s for Medical Services: Doctor visits, Hospitalization, Lab Work, Advanced Imaging, etc…

Is a Medicare Advantage Plan right for me?

If you are comfortable with having a list of Doctors/Hospitals/Facilities, and you do not mind be required to pay a copay every time you use your Plan, than yes, a Medicare Advantage might be a good fit for you.

Summary of Medicare Supplement Plan:

Flexibility, you can go to any Hospital/Doctor/Facility that accepts Medicare
Predictable, Medicare Supplement’s pay what Medicare would normally charge you
An additional $80 to $140 monthly premium

Is a Medicare Supplement Plan right for me?

Not so healthy person: Yes, you will save money by purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Healthy person: Would you consider the additional monthly premium a cost of living or a waste of money?

Waste of money: Then you are not a Medicare Supplement type of person…
Cost of living: I am 65 or older, things happen…

I am able to discuss this better through my video blog and or on the phone.


Call Me, Robert W. Bache Toll Free: 1-855-368-4717 or Cell: 727-643-0219.

Obamacare Changes Medicare Part D

Obamacare Changes Medicare Part D:

Medicare Beneficiaries that have high drug costs now, are very familiar with what is referred to as the, “The Donut Hole”.

Coverage Gap or “Donut Hole”: Once a Medicare Beneficiary and the Part D Plan have spent $2,970 on prescription medications, the Beneficiary’s cost increase.  Obamacare is requiring Medciare Part D Plans to pay more during the “Donut Hole”.

Obamacare has already started to increase what each Medicare Part D Plan is required to pay when the Medicare Beneficiary reaches the “Donut Hole”.

Below is a chart of what has happened and what is expected to happen through 2020. As you will see, in 2020, the Medicare Part D Plan will pay 75% of each brand name medication, and the Beneficiary will be required to pay only 25%.

The table below shows the percentage of what a Medicare Beneficiary is and will pay through Medicare Part D due to Obamacare.
































Example:  For a brand name medication that costs the $200.00.

PAST 2012: Once the Medicare Beneficiary entered the “Donut Hole”, the person had to pay $100.00 for a 30 day supply.

PRESENT 2013: This year when the Medicare Beneficiary enters the “Donut Hole”, they pay$95.00 for a 30 day supply.

FUTURE 2020: When a Medicare Beneficiary enters the “Donut Hole”, the cost will only be $50.00 for a 30 day supply.


Posted by Robert Bache aka MedicareBob™ 05/14/2013.